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Expert physiotherapy services in Timaru and Ashburton

Paul Annear from Injury Management has helped his patients select the right course of treatment that complements their lifestyle, habits and needs. As a committed specialist who takes the time to understand his patients’ problems, Paul offer great quality treatment, and professional service. If you are looking for sound physiotherapy services in Timaru and Ashburton, look no further. Injury Management can help you

Individual consultation

Finding the right course of action can sometimes be difficult. Injury Management can help with one-on-one consultations. A comprehensive consultation is an important first step in working out a treatment plan that would benefit you. It's not just about reliving the immediate pain, but also improving your movement and posture in the long run.

Safe and natural pain-relief

Physiotherapy is a proven beneficial treatment that’s safe, gentle and effective. As an accredited physiotherapist, Paul offers treatments in a clean and relaxed environment. He focuses on exercise, diet and gentle therapeutic exercise to restore your function to the highest possible level.

Dedicated staff

Injury Management provides physiotherapy services throughout Timaru and Ashburton from a highly trained physiotherapist who assesses and diagnoses your condition.

Paul is committed to designing and administering personal treatment programs to help improve and enhance your health. He is able to use a combination of manual therapy and technology to maximise your potential. Get in touch with Paul today to make an appointment.
Expert performing physiotherapy services in Ashburton
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